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Chinese New Year

Today the Rainbow Fish learned how Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world. We discussed similarities and differences with different celebrations that we take part in and we even turned our classroom into a restaurant to try some Chinese food! The children were also very interested in how Chinese writing is different to our writing, using characters instead of sound/letters. Some of the children even attempted their own Chinese writing! 

Starfish Science - Materials used for Different Purposes

Today Starfish were thinking about which materials could be used for different purposes. We had a big conversation about why you couldn't use paper to make a coat or wood to make windows and the children came up with lots of different ideas and great scientific language, with words like waterproof, absorbent, transparent and opaque.

We did an experiment to see which materials would be waterproof enough to be suitable for a coat. We tested cotton, plastic, paper, cardboard and sponge. We made predictions at the beginning to decide which we thought would be best and worst, and then we carefully poured on some water to see if the person below would stay dry! Ask your child which materials worked the best and which materials were not suitable at all!

Purple Star Award

This young man was awarded a Purple Star last Friday. He was unable to attend the Young Voices concert with the choir but selflessly gave away his t-shirt to another child who was without one. 

Year 1 Maths Teens Numbers

Year 1 have been learning about how teens numbers are made up of one ten and another number, e.g. 15 is 1 ten and 5 ones. They have been using concrete equipment to visually see how the numbers are made up.

Starfish Whole Class Reading

In our whole class reading time, we have finished reading our text 'The Monster Story Teller' by Jacqueline Wilson. The children absolutely loved reading this story and finding out what the characters got up to on Monster Planet! It was very exciting for some of them to read a chapter book as well!

We are now moving on to our new book, 'Space Tortoise' by Ross Montgomery.

'Space Tortoise' will also be one of our new books going home with Rocket the Reading Rabbit. We have a little display for Rocket the Reading Rabbit so please let us know if your child particularly liked any of the parts of the story and we will record their ideas on our display!

Here are some predictions that Starfish class made about what they thought 'Space Tortoise' might be about!




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