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Festive fun

We had great fun at our Christmas lunch today!

Straw and order

Here are the Jellyfish class ready for their Christmas performance, Straw and Order. 

Special delivery!

This week the Rainbow Fish Class have been busy writing letters to Father Christmas. Today, we walked to the postbox to post our special letters. We wonder if we will get a reply? 

9.12.19 - Democracy

We have been looking at the ancient Greeks and have learnt that democracy began in Ancient Greece. In fact, the Ancient Greek system is very famous and has helped to shape many systems of democracy around the world today. However, we have been looking at some of the key differences between their political system and our political system nowadays. 

Also, the children had the opportunity to read about the different parties Manifestos and make an informed decision of who they think would be the best party to vote for and the reasons behind their vote. The pictures show the children with their ballot cards ready to vote. 

Lunch with Miss Lancaster

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